Electrical Engineering Intern 1

QorTek and the Position:

Season: Spring 2021

Location: Williamsport, PA

Department/Group: Engineering

Position Type: Part-Time

QorTek Inc. (Williamsport, PA) is a developer of power electronic systems, world-class piezoceramic materials, and piezoelectric device technology solutions. The Company is actively engaged in various stages of technology development from initial concept feasibility and reduction to practice all the way through advanced engineering and manufacturing of products to meet different customer requirements by integrating novel technology solutions into real-world hardware.

Electrical Engineering interns are capable of designing and developing power electronic systems to meet customer applications. As an intern, you will be collaborating with electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, subject matter experts, outside team members, and the manufacturing staff. QorTek interns are involved with every step of the design process including: brainstorming concepts, simulating designs, fabricating/testing prototypes, and final parts manufactured/assembly.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • System testing and measurements
  • Printed circuit board layout and design
  • Prototype electrical systems
  • Analyze test data
  • Select and order components for circuit boards
  • Troubleshooting analog and digital systems

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Enrolled in BS in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science, Computer Science, or related disciplines
  • Completed coursework or have relative experience in analog and digital electronics, power & control systems, prototyping, soldering, and troubleshooting preferred
  • Demonstrated written and oral communication capability
  • Experience in circuit modeling (SPICE, LTSPCE, MultiSim, or CAD)
  • Other tasks as required to support the business objectives
  • US Citizenship required

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