Ceramic Engineer Intern

Ceramic Engineer Intern

QorTek and the Position:

Location: State College, PA

Department/Group: Ceramic Processing

Start Date: Immediate

Position Type: Internship / Part/Full Time

Salary Range: $10-14/hr

Supervisor: Materials Group Manager

QorTek Inc develops and manufactures world-class high-performance textured piezoceramics and thick-film/multilayer piezoceramic materials and devices. QorTek is actively engaged in various technology development stages starting from preliminary proof-of-concept and feasibility demonstrations all the way through advanced engineering and manufacturing of piezoelectric products to meet different customer needs by integrating creative talent and business expertise.

QorTek is seeking a Ceramic Process Engineering Intern(s) who will be responsible for various tasks in multilayer thick film piezoceramic device manufacturing process.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Provide support and fundamental understanding of piezoelectric ceramic manufacturing to include: compositional formulations, powder processing, forming, sintering, polishing/lapping, electrode printing, polarization, material and electrical characterizations.
  • Use statistical and scientific methods to develop fundamental understanding and translate it into process improvements.
  • Work in a flat organizational structure and in cross-functional teams with sales, engineering, quality, and manufacturing.
  • Use engineering principles and data to help solve problems and troubleshoot production issues.
  • Ensure process improvement results are communicated, evaluated, and implemented.
  • Promote and develop technical growth and responsibility among department technicians/processors.
  • Translate work/findings/directions into reports and presentations to leadership that can be understood and are actionable.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Minimum workload: 3 hrs/day, 12 hrs/wk (30 hrs/wk in summer)
  • At least a junior in Materials Science and Engineering (MatSE), or equivalent experience and education in materials science.
  • Experience in the use of material characterization tools such as, XRD, SEM, and PSA. Technical understanding of how the equipment works, along with an aptitude to learn the workings of unfamiliar pieces of equipment.
  • Experience in working in a lab environment and handling chemicals safely.
  • Experience in the use of Computer Applications including:  MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.
  • Proven “hands on” and “fine motor skills” to support handling and processing of micro/mili-piezoceramic devices.
  • Capable of understanding and dealing effectively in an entrepreneurial environment and being motivated by such a culture.
  • US Citizenship is preferred for Federal Scholarship opportunities

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