DARPA Awards Unmanned Vehicle Contract to QorTek Inc.

DARPA Awards Unmanned Vehicle Contract to QorTek Inc.
DARPA Awards Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Contract to QorTek Inc. for Advanced Communication Capabilities in the Undersea Environment

DARPA has selected and contracted a QorTek proposal as part of its Direct to Phase 2 (DP2) program that provides funding of up to $1,250,000 as part of its overall FY2020 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) investments. The selected proposals represent a range of technologies that aim to benefit areas of interest and needs of the Navy and its SYSCOMS that represent DARPA investment in demonstrating critical technologies for a new class of unmanned underwater vehicles.

The DARPA DP2 award will enable QorTek to continue its efforts to develop advanced underwater communication technologies in support of the Naval future battlespace requirements. QorTek will be providing DARPA and the US Navy with a new generation of advanced underwater acoustic modem technologies that can operate over an extremely wide bandwidth to meet needs for long-distance communication, underwater communication networking, and possibly large video streaming between undersea assets. The resulting technological advances will result in a modular, low-cost, miniature acoustic modem hardware that can host open-source underwater communication. This technology will enable effective communication and enhanced countermeasures in complex acoustic environments.

QorTek has also recently secured multiple contracts with the US Navy through their SBIR and STTR program.

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