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QorTek and the Position:

Location: Linden, PA

Department/Group: Electrical Engineering

Position Type: Internship /Part/Full Time

QorTek Inc. is a developer of world-class power electronic systems, piezoceramic materials, and piezoelectric device technologies for a wide range of applications. Our team is actively engaged in various stages of technology development from initial concept validation and reduction to practice to advanced engineering and product manufacturing. Our team delivers novel technology solutions to customers real world problems.

QorTek is seeking Electrical Engineering interns capable of collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team to design and develop next generation solutions for power electronic systems. You will be collaborating with electrical, mechanical, materials and test engineers, subject matter experts, outside team members, and manufacturing staff. Interns are part of brainstorming and conceptualization, design simulation, prototype fabrication, feasibility demonstrations, and transition of matured designs to manufacturing.

QorTek interns are involved with every step of the design process and fill a variety of roles. Roles include power electronics design, circuit modeling, control algorithm development, analog circuit and magnetics development, PCB layout, and simulation and test of power electronic systems. We are seeking motivated candidates that desire to become part of a dedicated team focused on solving meaningful technical challenges in a collaborative team orientated environment.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Design and test power electronic converters and amplifiers (AC-DC, DC-AC, DC-DC) at low/medium-power scales
  • Design and layout printed circuit board designs using Altium Designer (or similar development program)
  • Design, implement, simulate, and test Si, SiC and GaN semiconductors and circuits for switch mode power systems
  • Design, build, and test analog and digital systems using microcontrollers, DSPs, and FPGAs
  • Support design and validation of control architectures with modeling and analysis
  • Ability to provide guidance and leadership to designers, lab technicians, and other team members on respective projects
  • Support cross-disciplinary team through the investigation of problems, gathering simulation/test data, and develop solutions based on findings
  • Soldering and rework experience of various packages (0402, QFN, SOD, SOT, etc.) on rigid PCBs
  • Perform part selection and ordering for respective program requirements

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Enrolled in MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Engineering Science, Computer Science, or related STEM discipline
  • Completed coursework or have relative experience in analog and digital electronics, power & control systems, prototyping, soldering, and troubleshooting preferred
  • Experience in circuit modeling (PSPICE, LTSPICE, MultiSim, PLECs, MATLAB Simulink)
  • Experience in circuit design (Altium, Mentor Graphics Designer, Eagle, KiCad)
  • Familiarity with non-isolated power electronic topologies such as Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost

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