QorTek Honored To Host Congressman Keller

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On October 22nd, QorTek Inc. welcomed Congressman Fred Keller to their Headquarters & Power Systems Center located in the fully renovated, former Woodward Township School Building on 220 HWY in Linden, PA.  Congressman Keller was given a briefing by QorTek’s leadership which included their CEO – Stephen Dynan, CTO – Dr. Gareth Knowles, CFO – Zach Stimely, and VP of Operations – Ross Bird. Afterward, Congressman Keller was provided a guided tour of their state-of-the-art facility including R&D labs and the electronic assembly & manufacturing cell.

“It was an honor to host Congressman Keller and to share with him the important work we are doing at our facility.”

– Stephen Dynan, QorTek CEO

About QorTek Inc.

With nearly 60 employees, including 35 Engineers (EE, ME, MatSE) and 4 PhDs, QorTek is a world leader in smart material devices and high-density power electronics, innovating, developing, and providing quality solutions to a diverse array of industries including underwater systems, land & air systems, military & commercial space systems, medical, and industrial. The dedicated and experienced team is committed to creatively advancing technology to promote sustainable business growth, driven by dynamic engineering enabled by advanced science and technology.