QorTek Earns ISO9001 and AS9100 Certifications

QorTek has recently earned the ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 certifications, both held as international standards for quality management systems (QMS).

The ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 both provide a model for the quality of design and manufacturing. The scope of both of these certifications cover power amplifiers, power converters, digital control systems and smart material based systems. The AS9100:2016 specifically certifies that QorTek meets the requirements of aviation, space, and defense organizations.

This process, which QorTek started without any prior preparation or QMS groundwork, started in September 2018 and was completed Spring of 2020. While most companies get through this process in 2-3 years, QorTek was able to earn their certification in a little over a year and half. The process would’ve been completed even sooner had it not been for QorTek’s recent moving of their manufacturing and R&D operations from Williamsport, PA to Linden, PA.

These internationally renowned certifications are just one more example of QorTek’s relentless drive to provide clients quality solutions.

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About QorTek Inc.

With almost 60 employees including 36 Engineers (EE, ME, MatSE), and 5 PhDs, QorTek is a world leader in smart material devices and high-density power electronics, innovating, developing, and providing quality solutions to a diverse array of industries including underwater systems, land & air systems, military & commercial space systems, medical, and industrial. The dedicated and experienced team is committed to creatively advancing technology to promote sustainable business growth, driven by dynamic engineering enabled by advanced science and technology.